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Toyota Luxury Car- Toyota Century

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Most people in many parts of the world drives or owns a Toyota and the reason for this is not farfetched. Toyota has over the years proven itself to its customers around the world. Its strong reliability and durability and this could be seen in areas of fuel economy, the relatively affordable nature of the car. its being popular and used around the world, and the availability of its spare parts which is also relatively cheap.

 Especially in a country like Nigeria where the wear and tear on a vehicle is very excessive because of road conditions and other factors. The Toyota company has grown into such a reliable company and it has done this through its different models like the sedans, SUV’s, cross overs, pickup trucks and also their hybrid vehicles.

Now when people think of a luxury car, their minds wouldn’t dash to a Toyota, it would rather dash to brands like the Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Range rover, Daimler and a host of other luxury cars.

Toyota Century

It is not as if a Toyota luxury car does not exist, but this car is not widely known this is because this particular car is used mostly in japan. The luxury car of the Toyota motor corporation (TMC) is the TOYOTA CENTURY. A car I choose to call the TOYO-ROYCE. This is because of its resemblance to the Rolls Royce. This car is produced by the Japanese and is used mostly by them and seen as Toyota’s flagship car in japan while outside japan or globally, the Lexus LS series is Toyota’s flagship luxury model.

Toyota century

The production of this grandiose automobile began in 1967. The name century was gotten from the 100th birthday of Sakichi Toyoda the founder of Toyota industries. He was born 14th of February 1867. The car can be compared to the Austin Princess Daimler DS420, Cadillac series 70, Mercedes Benz S550 Rolls-Royce and the Russian ZIS/ZIL limousines.

The Toyota century has models from 1967 up until 2018. The Toyota luxury car is a full size ultra luxury car, a 4-door limousine, front engine and rear wheel-drive.  The first generation Toyota luxury car which was from 1967 to 1997 is powered by a 5.0litre v8 engine with 280hp.

The second generation Toyota luxury car which lasted for a period of two decades i.e from 1997 to 2017 is powered by a 5.0litre v12 engine while the third generation Century which is from 2018 till date has a 5.0litre v8 engine, but the new thing now is that the third generation has a hybrid system. Though, the recent models of this vehicle now come with a v8 engine

One of the good things about this vehicle is the fuel efficiency which is actually a common thing with all or most Toyota vehicles. According to the Japanese ministry of land, infrastructure and tourism’s JC08 test cycle, the Toyota century drives for about 13.6 kilometers per liter of fuel.

Again it is expected that a vehicle with such engine capacity should emit a considerable amount of noise as it is either a v8 or v12 but this has been taken care of by the installation of four mufflers and also with active noise cancellation on the inside of the vehicle. Thereby reducing noise and vibration when the engine is running and also having smooth acceleration.

Toyota Century Luxury Interior

The interior design of the Toyota luxury car comprises of heather-patterned upholstery which extends from the backs of the front seats to the door panel trim in the rear seat region, emphasizing horizontal space.

The seat upholstery is comprised of high-quality materials, including 100% wool, which is both flexible and soft. Leather interiors include luxurious, soft-textured upholstery.

The front seats, like the back, have horizontal heather-patterned fabric that accentuates space. The black heather-patterned ornamentation in the instrument panel’s center conveys a noble and refined atmosphere.

A comfortable journey is ensured by the adjustable electric leg rest and adjustable rear seats (with massage function).

All seats, air conditioning, and audio controls are controlled by a multi-operational LCD panel on the central armrest.

With furniture that can be used for both work and play basically, like a writing table, reading light, rear seat entertainment system with a huge display, and a 20-speaker luxury music system are among the amenities.

The Toyota Century comes with Toyota Safety Sense and a Blind Spot Monitor to detect incoming vehicles in adjacent lanes, as well as Parking assist, which makes parking by monitoring the surroundings.

PCS (Pre-Collision System), which helps to avoid and lessen collisions with oncoming cars and pedestrians.

The Lane Departure Tell (LDA) system uses a warning buzzer and display to alert the driver when the car is going to leave its lane, and it also contains a steer assist feature.

Radar Cruise Control (with All-speed Tracking) aids in maintaining a safe distance from the car in front.

The Adaptive High Beam System (AHS) protects against excessive light from preceding and approaching vehicles, automatically switches the high beams on and off, and is fitted with a warning system.

 This car is used mostly by the prime minister of japan, senior Japanese government leaders and high level executive businessmen.

50 units of this beautiful automobile is produced every month and the reason why this vehicle is not widely driven globally is because it is only available for the Japanese domestic market (JDM).

So even as a Toyota lover in any part of the world, you can still get all that goodness, comfort and efficiency from Toyota through its luxurious Toyota century as it is relatively cheaper than its luxury counterparts with almost similar features. The car has a starting price of $180,000.

The only difficulty you might have is that unlike the other vehicles which are also products of the Japanese domestic market (JDM), like the Toyota supra, Mazda 2 , the Nissan Skyline GT-R etc. the Toyota Century is one vehicle which is not widely exported ant this is because of the intention of the Japanese to preserve this vehicle because of what it symbolizes to them.

Even though this vehicle is a Toyota you will notice that it does not have the regular Toyota oval shaped logo, the logo in front of the Toyota luxury car is a gold phoenix. Inspired by the hou-ou, this symbol is a reminder of all the Japanese cultural and artistic traditions incorporated into the century.

Speaking about Toyota logos, there are other Toyota vehicles which do not have the regular oval shaped logo like the:

Toyota Alphard – MPV

Toyota crown – LUXURY.


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