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Car Accidents- Common causes

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Car accidents is sadly a very common occurrence on roads and highways all around the world. According to Association for safe international road travel on their annual global road crash statistics.

 Approximately 1.35 million people die in road crashes each year; on average 3,700 people lose their lives every day on the roads. An additional 2050 million suffer non-fatal injuries, often resulting in long-term disabilities.

It is important to note that the fact that you’re being careful while driving on the road does not mean that the next person driving is going to be careful hence the saying “treat every other road user as a mad man” meaning that you have to be careful and have a good sense of judgement as this is what driving is basically about.

 The purpose of this article is to highlight the most common causes of car accidents and how to prevent them in order to stay safe and also keep other road users safe.

Road Unworthy Vehicles

This is one of the most common causes of car or road traffic accidents. A lot of vehicles on the road today are not even fit to still be on the road and the fact they are on the road is a health and a risk hazard to everyone around, the driver, the occupants of the vehicle and other road users.

When we say that a vehicle is road unworthy, it could be in many areas. A car driving with worn out tires has the likelihood of having a blow out and if this kind of occurrence happens at high speeds then the result can be a very fatal car accident. A car can be said to be road unworthy when it’s features are inconsistent of what the manufacturer has in mind. For example, a car without rear view mirrors or side mirrors is road unworthy, a car with smoke emissions is road unworthy, a car with worn out tires is road unworthy etc.

Therefore to prevent a car accident arising from a road unworthy vehicle, it is important to take your car for regular and routine servicing to ensure that it is fit to be driven on the road and not constitute a hazard to you and other road users

Reckless\Aggressive Driving

This is another major cause of car accidents. When a person is reckless it means that he actually has no regard for any other person who might be affected by his actions just as long as he has his way on the road. Such a driver can also be said to be an aggressive driver.

 One of the things that makes one reckless or aggressive is street racing. In this type of racing they are no rules the only rule is to win the race even at the expense of the next driver, other road users and even pedestrians. So when a driver drives his car like it is a do or die affair then the chances are very high that there is an accident lurking around the corner.   

Accidents that may arise from reckless driving are very avoidable accidents, therefore resist the urge to floor down your accelerator when that c63 swiftly overtakes you or when you are running late for that meeting.

Night Driving

Night driving causes just as much accidents as car accidents that happen in the day. A lot of things come to play during night driving. The fact that one might not exactly know or see the road patterns properly is one of the causes of car accidents, even with the best lights on your vehicle or even adaptive lights, poor vision can cause a person to have very a fatal accident

. Also in night driving a driver can be temporarily blinded by the lights of both oncoming vehicles and vehicles coming from the rear and this can make a driver loose control of the vehicle or make him temporarily oblivious of the position of the vehicle on the road and this can lead to an accident.

Some of the ways to avoid road accidents arising from night driving is to, avoid it and only do it when it is necessary. Also one can purchase HD vision night driving glasses as it will help to cushion the effects of the blinding lights of other vehicles.

 On the other hand you can buy a car that is equipped with the Adaptive High Beam System (AHS) which protects against excessive light from oncoming and following vehicles.


Rain, storm, hail, can cause accidents for drivers this it because it obstructs the vision of the driver. Also if the rain is so heavy that it has occasioned a flood, then what it means it that there is going to be water all over the road thereby not letting him know the perfect position of the vehicle on the road. The driver might either run into the walk way or the drainage. Also when it is raining, the road becomes slippery and there is a lot of reduces friction which can occasion brake failure.

One of the ways to prevent this is not to drive when it is raining. If you’re already on the road when it is raining do well to reduce your speed and only drive what you can control.

Non-Adherence To Traffic Rules

When people refuse to adhere to traffic rules and signs, it is very possible that a car accident is going to occur. One of the first traffic rules and also the most flouted is the seat belt. Once you sit in your vehicle, the seatbelt is the first thing one should put on even before starting the vehicle. A lot of people do not not do this and on impact it sends them flying through the windshield.

Again people disobey traffic rules by running redlights, driving the opposite direction on a one way road, not observing speed limits, making U turns at inappropriate places etc.

The ways to prevent this is to adhere ho traffic rules and also knowing traffic signs. You can know some of this signs by studying the highway code.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the common causes of car accidents. They are a lot of things that can distract a driver on the road like use of cellphone, eating, exhaustion, excessive thinking, conversations, happenings on the road etc.

The way to prevent accidents by distracted driving is to put away everything that is capable of distracting you and keep your focus on the road. On the issue of exhaustion, it is important for a person to be well rested before getting behind the steering wheel in order to prevent them from sleeping off while the car is in motion.

Bad Roads

Bad roads also causes car accidents. The effects even more when there is excessive speeding on such roads. Therefore is advisable to be careful and thoroughly reduce your speed when driving on bad roads in order to star safe and to also keep other road users safe.


Road construction, building construction, rail construction, whatever construction it is , is capable of causing car accidents especially when there is no sign to show that there is an ongoing construction and advising the drivers to reduce their speed on getting to the site  .


This is the second most common cause of car accidents in the world. Overspeeding kills, therefore it is important for drivers to adhere to the legal speed limits of different roads and highways. If you must speed then drive what you can control but resist the urge to overspeed.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving causes accidents this is because when a person is drunk, his ability to make decisions is blurred and as I said earlier, driving is basically about decision making. So one can say that a person who drunk drives is about to go and commit unintentional suicide and homicide.


Tailgating means following a vehicle behind too closely. This can cause accidents because the vehicle in front of you can make an abrupt use of the brake and you will have no other option that to ram into the vehicle as you do not have enough braking distance.

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