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6 Things Every Driver Should Know

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Driving is thrilling and really exciting. But it can easily become a nightmare if certain things are not paid attention to by the driver. This article covers some of the things every driver should know.

How can you get free from mud or sand, and what is the most efficient way to run your air conditioner in the summer?
Even if you are a seasoned driver, it never hurts to learn something new.

Safe Overtaking

To get to your location faster, you may need to overtake another automobile on a tight two-lane road or on a motorway.
And there’s usually an approaching vehicle coming your way.
The proper course of action is to accelerate a little more and use your turn signal or trafficator to indicate the location of your maneuver.

It will help you prevent an accident because they frequently occur on the side of the road when both vehicles decide to stop to avoid a collision, which is a very foolish decision.
Whatever happens, stay in your lane until the last possible second.

Just like I said in a previous article, driving is basically about judgement and it very well comes to play when you want to overtake a vehicle. This is one of the things every driver should know as it can go a long way to save your life.

Wipers Should Be Well Cared For

When your wipers aren’t as effective as they once were and can’t reach certain regions of the windshield, they’re most likely worn out.

Rubber, frame, and plastic wipers frequently wear out and produce a C shape.
As a result, the windshield’s center remains intact.
Try turning the wipers inside out before getting them replaced.

You can really help them function longer if you keep your windshield clear at all times, essentially keeping your car clean, so you won’t have to use your wipers as much.
Make it a practice to clean it every time you stop at a gas station for a refill.

Simply make sure you’re using a clean, debris-free squeegee.
If you live in a frosty area, you can remove the wipers while not in use to prevent them from freezing to the glass.

It’s also worth noting that wipers are designed for wet surfaces and should never be used on a dry windshield.
So, if you need to clean a dry windshield, start by turning on the washer.

In most modern vehicles today, the wipers works automatically and immediately you turn on the washer. This is a hack or one of the things that every driver should know.

How To Use Your Air Conditioner In The Summer

Assume it’s a hot summer day, and you go into your vehicle, which has been sitting in the heat for several hours.
Your natural instinct is to crank up the air conditioner to its maximum setting.
This is incorrect since the air conditioning system collects poisonous compounds that are hazardous to one’s health.

As a result, you must let the automobile air out before entering.
To do so, roll down the window and open and close the door several times to let the heat escape.
It functions in a similar way as suction.

At this point, you can start driving with the windows down and the air conditioner set on MAX for 30 seconds to 5 minutes, waiting for the car to fill up with fresh air.
Remember that when your automobile is moving, the air conditioner runs more efficiently since the compressor runs faster.

Regularly inspect and clean your air filter. It messes up the airflow inside the vehicle if it’s unclean. If your car has automatic air conditioning, don’t use it in the summer.
It saves fuel by turning off automatically when the engine is turned off.

How To Get Free From Mud Or Sand

Don’t panic if you become stuck in the mud, sand, or snow; remember that there is always a way out.
First and foremost, give your tires some breathing room.
To achieve this, move the steering wheel back and forth, but do so gently to gain traction.

Go from reverse to drive as quickly as possible, but no more than eight times, so as not to harm the car.
You can also deflate the tires to enhance their surface area by letting out around half of the air.

Then dig a space around them and lift the car using the car.
Put some twigs or a floor mat beneath the tire to create friction and make it easier to get out.
Remember to re-inflate the tires to the vehicle’s specified PSI. This is part of the things that every driver should know.

Pay Attention To Other Vehicles On The Road

When you’re driving down the road and there’s a steady stream of traffic coming your way, pay close attention to what’s going on around you.
Don’t wait for the driver to activate their trafficator if you think they’re acting strangely.
Frequently, people just forget to switch them on, or they do so only after turning the vehicle to the direction they want it to go.
As a result, you should focus on the car rather than the turn signal.

Make the Most of Your Car Security System

Anti-theft mode is available on most new auto alarms.
It deters car theft by immobilizing the stolen vehicle’s engine while it is in motion.
To stop the engine, simply press the right button while standing a safe distance away.

However, you won’t be able to use it unless you have the alarm remote control with you.
When you’re thrown out of your car, for example, it’s a good idea to keep the remote control separate from the rest of your keys and keep it in your pocket at all times.

Also, don’t turn on the anti-theft feature just for the sake of it. After the engine has been ignited, it must be unblocked by a professional, which might be quite costly.
So only use it in a true emergency.

These are some of the things that every driver should know to ensure a better driving experience.

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